Cheats and other Questions

Hi @all,

I have some questions:

  1. How to become jobless :laughing: ? Why isn’t there a button “Quit Job” or something. I would like the benifit of having more time to socialise instead of going to work (Money is no problem because I’ve cheated Infinite Money).

  2. Speaking of Cheats: There is a Cheat-File in the Kudos directory. I read somewhere that I can write Skills in that File. But it doesn’t work (Putting Driving in it or Driving = 1 for example). Whats the correct format (GV_skill_driving=1 ?) ?

Is there a Cheat to have more activitys available a day (Instead of 1 every day or 2 @weekends ?). I could search for this one myself if I knew what format/data this value has (It’s not 2, 1, 0).

Are there other cheats (Never become tired, instead Muscle-Hulk) ? Or could the makers of the game tell me the value of these as well ? (Memory-Address or simply the value…if you search for text you’ll find the displayed values but they dont work…real values have to be float or integer).

Thanks in advance.

I’m using some Memory-Hack tools for cheating, such as Artmoney ( Just in case someone asks -> Money is a Float 4 Value.

To become jobless, you can work in the acting industry. Unlike the other careers, they have a set duration of time before being out of work. Think of it as a television show only filming for a couple months but making a year’s worth of shows.