I’m sure this is no priority, but I would like to say, set no term limits or no political capital.

Term Limits are a policy and easy to make irrelevant through gameplay

in fact they are the same thing, because if you have infinite political capital, you can instantly extend term limits :smiley:

related comment, I noticed that having a debt crisis is a bit of exploit. You never get removed from power but you get tons of pp.

do you ever succesfully manage to win the next election though? :smiley:

Yes. On easy mode.


That might not be so easy with todays update to build 1.10 (I hope…)

I hope I both find out and finish my homework!

I won with 100% of the vote on hard mode. I also made everyone wealthy by making everyone farmers.

How? It requires such a huge amount of political capital. I really wish we had a cheat or an option to play without the political capital. I used to play it both ways in Democracy 3.

“…an option to play without the political capital…” This would be indeed an interesting option.

You’ll have to spend like two turns to raise either of those stats. It’s not really that big a deal. Unless you’re insanely unpopular.

Based on my experience that’s not true. Not sure which country you are playing but in the US it’s difficult to get your max political capital high enough. You can earn 20 a turn or whatever, but if you max is 28, you can’t get over that hump.

I mean in the UK you don’t have to: There are no term limits to begin with. So yeah, talking USA

I just started a new game after updating and it seems the political cap isn’t as strict (low) as it was before. You are right, after a couple of turns I was able to extend from 2 terms to 3.

Right and from then on it should be easy to reach infinity

I still have 75% wealthy thanks to the farmers! :smiley:

Percentage boosts could be lowered for everyone.

@cliffski looks like fixed income boosts for poor, middle class and wealthy aren’t displayed - that is only percentage boosts are displayed.