Cheesing the speeches

My pick up for today is that the speech system can be “cheesed” by closing and reopening the speech window if the available speeches are not desirable. This can be done infinitely. Perhaps a system for speech writing would be better in the future? I know you already have a full plate.

Right now I don’t feel bad about doing this, as the first re-election is damned near impossible to win, even if I spent the final few turns implementing every vote buying policy (youth politics course, free parenting classes etc.), and by second re-election I’m not even bothering with electioneering. Once I’ve won the first re-election, I have to be trying to lose to not get the second one, but I’ve already made other posts about election balance, so I won’t write another wall of text.

I know I write up a lot and most of sounds negative, so I’ll counter balance that by saying that I am enjoying this game, but there are pinch points that need to be sorted out in order for it to become better.


It’s a known issue: