China Mod

A mod for a non-democracy!

My mod includes a new mission, some dilemmas and a new voter type - Communist. It can be found here: … /

This is my first try at modding so I’d welcome any comments or suggestions -
I’m just beginning to figure out how to do policies and events, I can post those too, when I’ve put a few together.



Forgot to thank/credit cliffski for replacing my (fairly crappy) Chinese flags with the ‘wobbly’ ones seen elsewhere in the game.

I’m beginning to figure out how to do policy and event updates. Watch this space for updates…


You’ve just reminded me of something I meant to mention a while back. Cliff made available the two files necessary to make those wavy flags if one has Photoshop in this thread. However, that was quite a while ago now and the thread has now become buried quite far down page 2. Firstly it takes some time for even me to find it and I know its there, but also I thought that new modders may not notice it, and its an important download for those wishing to make new missions. I wondered whether it may not be a good idea for this thread to be pinned at the top of the forum? Also it may be worth mentioning that the files are available and placing a link to download them on the modding page of the Democracy 2 site, for those who look for information on how to mod there.


Thanks Cliff. Sorry, I think I phrased my last post badly. What I meant was that the flag files topic should be pinned. What I thought should be made easy to access was the download for the flag files, and it would be easier if that thread was pinned rather than this one as first it would mean people could directly access it rather than indirectly by clicking the link in this thread, and second it would be a lot more obvious by the topic title as to what the point of the thread being pinned was (people designing their own missions would see the thread title of that thread and see immediantely what it was for and that it would be useful for them, whereas they wouldn’t notice this thread if they were looking for those files). Sorry for any confusion.

Aha, indeed, fixed it.

haya. im having a problem with the “TV standards” dilema for the china mod. is anyone else having this problem?

What problem are you having?

well whenever the TV standards dilema appears and i choose either responce, the game then inmediatly crashes. it makes no sence. i also get the same problem with the “interest rates” policy. does anyone else get this problem, of do the chinese just hate me? haha

Maybe I’ve written it badly. I’m travelling until Friday (in China!) but I’ll have a look at it at the weekend - promise!

ow thankyou. i do apreciate it.


I think I have it - I think that there is an extra space in the OnImplement line in the dilemma file. It took me about half an hour to track this down.

Here is the problem:

CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Liberal,0.2,0.65); CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Capitalist,0.2,0.85);

See between the first semi-colon and the second CreateGrudge - there’s a space that shouldn’t be there.

Here’s a corrected version - just copy and paste it into the dilemma file over the existing content:

name = “ChinaTVStandards”
guiname = “Falling Moral Standards on Chinese TV”
description = “Some citizens are troubled to see a decline in moral standards on Chinese TV. The amount of sex and violence in films, advertisements and music videos has shocked any Chinese people. A campaign group have asked your government to make a stand against this, and bring the television companies into line.”


0 = “Retired,-0.2+(0.75x)"
1 = "Conservatives,-0.2+(0.75
2 = “random,0.3,0.9”

Name = Introduce tougher TV censorship
Description = We need to protect the majority of decent people that want to watch TV without being offended by what they see and hear. TV should be wholesome and educational, we shouldn’t be worried to let our children watch TV!
OnImplement = CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Liberal,-0.3,0.7);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Religious,0.1,0.7);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Conservatives,0.2,0.8);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Parents,0.1,0.7);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,CrimeRate,-0.1,0.6);

Name = Refuse to act
Description = The TV companies are the best people to judge what their viewers want to see, if there is a demand among the people to see sex and violence on TV then why not let it be shown? I’m sure the TV companies will act with restraint and show their programmes with suitable warnings, and at suitable times.
OnImplement = CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Liberal,0.2,0.65);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Capitalist,0.2,0.85);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Religious,-0.1,0.7);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Conservatives,-0.2,0.8);CreateGrudge(ChinaTVStandards,Parents,-0.1,0.6);[/code]

Hope this helps.

thank you. thats been bugging me for ages

ahh. i copied the information you posted, but now when i get the dilema, it doesnt display either of the choices, just the information about the dilema. now im even more confused…

Try downloading this and pasting it over the top of the original file. It works on my PC: (884 Bytes)

Thanx. I’ll use this when I get out of work :slight_smile:

Hi Again,
How do I set the game to this mod?

Can you be voted out in this mod? Haha.

Thanks to TomPhil!

My promise to look at it last weekend had to fall by the wayside when I returned home to a broken computer. Got another computer, now I just need to find my validation code for the game!

Hey, David. Your mod looks so much fun and I’m dying to use it! I’m having trouble with it. It wouldn’t work and it crashed Democracy 2. I also noticed there isn’t a picture file for the voter type (I don’t know if that was unintentional or not). I may be 100% wrong. I have a macintosh so it may work different. Is there a specific way to install it?