So if there’s ever another major expansion to GSB, I have a suggestion for a further type of slot, called the chipslot. It would be a triangle shape, and slightly smaller than a hardpoint slot graphically. What the chipslot would be dedicated to is small modifiers such as the innate ones hulls automatically have. Chips can fit in either chipslots or hardpoint slots. Frigates would have around 2-4 chipslots, Cruisers 5-8 and Fighters would be lucky to have a chipslot at all. Diminished returns would be in effect.

Tractor Beam Amplifier: All tractor beam strengths are increased by 5%.
Overdrive Chip: All Power generators generate 5% more power.
Phase Enchansor: Shield stability is increased by 5%.

EPIC IDEA, this will make the game more complex and less predictable, and would be supragreat something like a market were you can buy the chips with your honnor, say bye to that useless honour after unlock everything.
That “Black Market” would be cool if it changes sometimes, something random, so sometimes you have good chips sometimes not.



The chips themselves would, I think, be possible to mod in, just not the chipslots… Could I give it a shot?

who is stopping you? xD

nobody I guess… I’ll try but if I succeed, should I post here or in modding forum?

here, but if you want, make a new topic on Modding Forum

well, I tried it… And it kinda (ish) worked. See, I can’t find any amplifier modules. Without amplifier modules, there can be no amplifier code. No amplifier code, no amplifier chips. :frowning:
BUT if there is a code to boost something (like targetbooster) then you can use that. I did and:
it works a bit, but not really how it should.

You can make modules that buff various ship stats?

Like how Praetorian Industries did it a bit in my opinion:

Weight reducer

like armor, its got like 10 damage takeable or whatever, but its weight is NEGATIVE.

making new slot types is impossible for anyone but cliff, and that would take a while.

But ill maybe see as well what I can try and accomplish.

As i already said, no.
We only can modificate the existing ones, making small changes on his code, but we cannot make a totally new code and just put it on the game praying it work, That is the Cliffski job xD
The only way of make “amplifiers” are using target boosters and target painters, and those just upgrades the tracking_speed value…

if you could ask only 2 things to make them happen, those are the “Chip black market” and chipslots capables to upgrade any value of any weapon and hull…
[size=50]cliffski please, I beeeeeeeeeeeeg uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…[/size]
Then if we want chips we can buy them wih honour in the Black Market, if we buy one, we can use it for only one design and only one time, i mean, if you make a design and you use the chip on that design, that design cannot be edited never again.

hmm, you should be able to edit the ship, because then you could never improve it with new modules, weapons, etc. It would get left behind, even with the chip.

well maybe a new commodity, like actual unprogrammed chips, that u get from battles, like 10 at a time, per battle, and u go to black market w/ever to get them “Programmed” they maybe only last one FINISHED battle :smiley: so if u didnt want to waste the chips u just dont put em on like u get to choose how u want to spend ur limited amount of chips b4 the battle, like there is button for “chip spend” next to battle, u dont click it it automatically uses none?

Me go blah blah.

i already posted the suggestion of buff modules

if you wanted the module to only work on your ship, you could set the “bubble” range to 1 or 0