Choices of upgrades for newly won Honour Pnts.

I’m wondering how to spend my newly won Honour for the first few scenarios. Are there some suggestions? Some “Tried and True” paths? Should I be saving? Should I be spending like a drunken sailor?

Thanks Gents!

Fast Recharge shields, ultra heavy armor, supercharged cruiser engines, 0g crew module and the multi-warhead missiles are what i’d go for first.
Also take a look at the races and hulls, there’s some interesting ones in there

Thanks much bud…great start and glad I waited till tonight and an answer, before I spent my current wad.

No problem. There’s a lot of worth to save up. Don’t go and spend all your cash yet, finish the first few missions with the current weapons you have to get a feel for what YOU work with, what you do a good job with!

(also, can you please use a different metaphor?)

I’m sorry…what exactly do you mean by “different” when you speak of a “Metaphor”?

“blow my wad” has a rather sexual connotation, and i suspect it’s not just colloquial.

Oh I’m sorry perhaps I show my age. “Blow your wad” began back in WW2 where a soldier would get a single payment once a month called a “wad” and they usually spent it all on a single wicked weekend.

Sorry for the confusion, hope you manage better with other “colloquialisms” and jargon on the web (I know they’re sure hard for me!).

btw: Just ‘spent some of my honour’ on the Cruiser Engine and they for sure saved my passing in the last sp mission. Bravo again!

And to derail this convo back into linguistics…

Yep, the ww2 soldiers pay packet was commonly called a wad and they tended to spend it all at once on the sort of things young men with lots of cash and no future plans tend to spend cash on. Chicks and beer. So you would blow your wad on, well, blowing your… ah you get the idea. So the meaning has kinda morphed over time.

sorry bout the lecture, it was either that or say “i would blow my wad on the rebels! all that extra thrust comes in handy!” and then hate myself for being juvenile.

Bah it’s not juvenile. It’s a matter of policing the YouNets and InterTubes in our own personal way after all isn’t it?

Also whether you watch Comedy Central and AMC vs. Disney and Hallmark.

Hell some people might find the (what I find) witty lingo of the game .pdf’s as cocky (Oh…there I go again~) But come now (ouch!)…let’s just all have fun.

Still I thank you for the thoughts, and the helpful advice…having a ball (oops) with the game. Really loving the potential depth (yikes?) of tactics here :slight_smile: