Chokes after 1.48 update

I’ve just come back to GSB, shelled for the four-race DLC bundle and the campaign beta, installed same, and updated from 1.twentysomething to 1.48.

If I try to enter the last battle on the list (The Draconis Frontier), the game chokes, popping up a dialogue box titled ERROR, saying “Failed to find AI Behaviour Type:…\src\SIM_Behaviour.cpp 39”. I get similar results with other battles involving the expansion races.

I can’t reinstall from scratch because my download link long expired. Any advice?

I haven’t upgraded to 1.48 either since i get tons of errors when i do.
Can’t find AI behaviors, modules, hulls…

you cant skip more than about 10 updates. If your version is that out of date, re-download it, and re-install it.
This is to prevent all the patches being 100 times bigger than they should be.

OK - so given that my download link (from beta, no less) long expired, what do I do?

Double-posting, what a naughty user I am, but I’m blowed if I can see the edit button. Couldn’t, in view of this, it walk forward ~5 updates at a time rather than rush gleefully forward to the current version if that’s known not to work?

Hi I can’t find your order, can you email me at with your email address from buying the game (or the order number) and I’ll re-activate and re-send it.

It’s OK; on my other machine, I turned out to have upgraded GSB often enough not to have gotten caught.