Hi Cliff Harris and the democracy 4 fans, a couple of days ago I thought about what I would like about new laws on democracy 4 regarding school and I thought since in Italy for more than 2 months civic education has been readmitted and in Croatia it is a new school subject I would like that on this game there would be the possibility of having the law of civic education and as legal options to have from a school hour to for example 6. I live in Italy and I have taken civic education lessons so if you would put it in my opinion it would not be a useless law, on the contrary, a very useful law for increasing education and lowering crime. These were my requests, it is up to you to decide whether to approve them and put them in the future or not. Good day!!!



I agree that a Civic Education policy with a slider, which could determine the number of hours given, could be a nice addition.

I’m glad you agree with my idea :slight_smile: