Cliffski - Big Fish Games is running an old version - help

First I’d like to say I love the game. It’s an absolute blast. But for some reason Big Fish Games isn’t running the latest version of the game. In fact the readme states we’re only running version 1.4 and it’s missing several of the updates I saw listed in your update patch thread. There is no other download available through their site. Can you please help me get the latest version? Thanks.

I’ve emailed you.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too!!! Thanks!

I’ve bougt the game, which is really great, from too. So is there a chance for me to get the new version?


I have an old version as well but I can’t find your email, what is it so I can send you my info?

I too would like that update. Big Fish offers the best prices, but seems they dont keep up with the latest versions :frowning:.

I too have the outdated versions of Rock Legend and Kudos from Big Fish. Is there anything I can do?

Just wondering if anyone has been checking this forum? :wink: LOL

Hi, just email cliff AT with your order email if you need the newer version.

I have downloaded the trial, haven’t bought it yet. This is why:

Error: Access violation at 0x0047C338 (tried to read from 0x00000000), program terminated.

Then the game just exits of course. What’s the deal? :open_mouth:

Uh, oh! I get the exact same problem with Kudos.

probably a video card driver problem, try checking here:

Okay, I got it fixed. It was screen resolution problem. The games didn’t like my 1280 X 720 resolution, so I switched out monitors with my mom. They work now. Yeah! I can buy them and finally play them! :wink: Thanks for the help anyway.

Jeeze, you know what. I’ll just download them from you, since there are so many updates to Rock Legend.

I’ve emailed the address you posted a couple times, but not heard anything back.

Hi, i didn’t get your email, can you resend it? it must be caught as spam by some dumb filter.

No problem. I just sent it again.


I want to ask, that the latest version (now 1.16a I think) of the game will be available/downloadable from Bigfish? Or if I buy the older version from Bigfish, could I update the game from your site for free?

Thanks (for the game, too :D): Sophia

You can do that if you email me the bigfish receipt, but why not just buy the game direct?

How do I email you?

I have the old version too, need an update. What’s your email so I can send you my receipt?