Cliffski - can you upload the list of variables, please?

We have all of these wonderful files, and learning by example covers -most- of the possible cases…

That being said, it would be really useful to the people modding if you could upload a list of every variable and a one line description of what it controls, covering everything from hulls and their various bonuses, to weapon statistic variables, etc etc.

Hopefully, you already have a nice handy list sitting around somewhere? I can but hope anyway. If not, it’s not a particularly urgent request as most things will have an example somewhere, and there’s always trial and error, but knowing about things without having to try them all out first would be great.

Also, I would quite like a CREWBONUS variable for ship hulls (same as POWERBONUS, except applying to crew modules. Some rounding may be required), for my own nefarious mod purposes. It’s probably not nearly as useful to the community as a whole, although if and when you do put up the list, we’ll probably be able to make requests for things we’d like easier.