[cliffski] How does the game calculate armor resistance?

Shield resistance is pretty straightforward: If your weapon’s shield penetration rating is greater than the target’s shield resistance, you apply the weapon damage to the shield. If it is less, the weapon bounces off the shield for zero shield damage.

How in the world then do you determine armor resistance? I’m at a complete loss. It seems that the more armor modules my ship has, the greater chance it has of reflecting weapon damage. Is armor damage reflection cumulative or is there some obscure way the game determines whether armor will reflect damage or not? Unlike shields, as armor weakens its ability to reflect weapon damage drops (at least I think so). So I assume the formula depends on the ships cumulative maxdamageabsorbable value for all the armor modules. But then what about the effectiveness penalty you get from using multiple armor modules? Does the game add the maxdamageabsorbable for all modules, then multiply the sum by the effectiveness penalty, then do the armor resistance calculation?

And what exactly is the calculation for armor resistance? I assume it’s something like this:
armorresistance=(sum(maxdamageabsorbable from each module) * effectivenesspenalty * hullarmorboost)/(some unknown value)

As the armor takes damage and is reduced, the armorresistance will also lower. What value does the game divide by to calculate a ship’s armor resistance? Or am I even on the right track with my formula?

The reason I ask is because I was playing around with the scavenger mod and found that the Brocken Cruiser hull (100% armor boost) equipped with 6 armor modules is virtually invincible.

You’re absolutely right, and that unknown value is the total amount of modules +1, meaning Armor is actually spread all over the modules to get an average layer that protects all.

I think the +1 was fixed in a recent patch. Also, all shots have a small chance of still damaging the armor. Damage is distributed among armor equal. Once one I destroyed the hull can be damaged.

Nah actually the +1 is still here, Cliff didn’t want to change that as it would change just every challenge and SP fleet, so instead he modified it so the armor value displayed in the ship design screen takes that +1 into account (which it didn’t before the patch). Just open an empty hull and put a single armor module. Check its armor rating, then check the ship’s armor rating, it should be half what it would be without the +1.