Cliffski i got a problem...

for some reason i cant buy your game. My vanilla visa card is not being accepted by the company that sells democracy. I need to know whether you guys accept visa gift cards. i tried 3 times and even called to the company a couple of times, but no one ever picks up. They just tell me to leave a message. I left them a message and still not response. I even tried calling at diff times of the day. I tired 10 A.M 2 P.M, and 6 P.M. Each time no one picked up. So i would also appreciate it if you talked to these guys about answering someone calling. I really want to buy your game, I’m a fan of the first democracy (: I also bought kudos a few years back when it was new. If any one else knows a diff number to the company that sells this or know whether BMS accepts Visa gift cards, just answer to this post.
(O and my card has exactly 25 dollars on the account, just checked.)

O one more thing forgot my outlook express doesn’t work so i cant email to you. Can i use any other messenger? i bought the original democracy like two years ago. would be great to have the original again(: since i plan on buying the second soon.

Hi did you try both payment providers (there are two on the order form, the main BMT and a backup called fastspring). I’ll ask them why they didn’t answer.

Yo I’m sorry man the payment finally worked. But it actually happened by accident. You know the security code on the back of the visa? well it turns out you guys weren’t accepting that. Then when i entered the 4 digit number in the front the card was accepted. I thought American express was the only card with the security code in the front? This was a visa. Any way I’m happy that it worked. I played your game yesterday, Pretty fun. I also appreciate the greater amount of events then the first democracy.
Lastly i just wanted to ask you something. Is there any way i can recover my old kudos 1 game? I plan on getting the second one but in the mean time i would love to play the first again. I got a new computer a year ago so i lost the game ):
Thanks for your time and nice job on the games (:

Yes, as long as you have some of the original order details, just email me the info and I can reactivate old downloads,