Cliffski, new buyer needs help!

Hello Cliffski!

I just bought the game and have a problem; my game keeps crashing when I want to either save/load a game or when I want to quit to windows. It’s NOT due to my machine’s graphics or video cards 'cause they fulfill all the requirements, and as you point out on the support site, I - as a new direct buyer - should have the fixed version 1.03. Am I still missing a patch or something? I absolutely love the game but this is REALLY ANNOYING !!! :imp:

Is there a way to fix this? Please let me know!

Many thanks in advance.

Haven’t heard this before, I suspect something to do with writing files. Is this under vista or XP? there are debug files inside the games ‘debugdata’ directory. feel free to email them to me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, and I will investigate.

Hi Cliff,

thanks for your reply!
In the meantime I’ve uninstalled the game, deleted all files, re-downloaded the exe file from BMT, re-installed and started a new game… I’ve been playing the new game for about 2 hours now and it hasn’t crashed (so far…), so I’m quite optimistic concerning future gamesaving and -loading. In case it starts crashing again, I’ll let you know!

Thanks again for your response! :slight_smile:

P.S.: Since I deleted all the ‘old’ files, I unfortunately can’t send you that debug file - would’ve been interesting to know what the problem might have been… oh, and it’s under XP btw.

just to let you know, cliffski, the game appears to be 100% compatible with Vista. I haven’t had any problems caused by vista, anyway.

As it should be, I developed it under vista :smiley:. I’m amazed at how many games still don’t work with vista. game devs have been lectured since XP shipped on where to store files to make stuff compatible with future O/S versions…