cliffski - we need BETA subforum!

I finally got processed by the online shop, played the game and it feels very good.

Unfortunately, right now, we got a mess in the forum. Can we please get a subforum for all the bug-related stuff?

This is beta, and bugs will happen, but I would not like other buyers to get the feeling the game is crappy - no bugs so far are game ruining for me, and after ironing them out - it will be gratuitous:)

From PR point of view - outsource beta bug reports to a subforum:)

Also, I think we’d benefit from some bug posting guidelines - like, what files/info/repeatability you need, etc.

I am EXTREMELY excited to get home and get this running.

We most definitely need sub forums for this game.

I suggest a section for bugs; with a sticky at the top for bug issues with solutions and acknowledgment so people aren’t making thread after thread about the same problems.
A second section for suggestions; ideas from people playing this game on how to improve the look, feel, and overall experience of playing GSB.
A third section for strategy and balance; a place for people to talk about what works and what doesn’t (in regard to game mechanics not bugs).
And possibly more, but those are the main three I feel are necessary.