Cloak graphics bug

Hi guys,

I’m running GSB through wine on ubuntu. I’ve got it running pretty well, no complaints. However, I have encountered a graphics bug when there are enemy ships with a cloaking device on. I get a black box in the lower left side of the screen, with the model of the cloaking ship inside it, and the game slows to a crawl.

Anyone have any idea why this happens? I’m not necessarily concerned about fixing it, i’d be happy if someone could tell me how to disable the cloaking effect as well.


beuller…? This really makes missions with the Federation hard to play :frowning:

go into the game folder called ships. then edit the txt file to take out that component on the rebel ship models.

I’m sorry that’s not more detailed but I’m at work and don’t have the game files in front of me. if its still not helpful, i’ll see what i can do when i get home for ya