Cloaked firing


How can I make it work?
I have add the “fire_while_cloaked = 1”, but the ship doesn’t seam to use it -.-
The ship don’t cloak when it can, and it doesn’t fire while it is…

Help plz?


Two things:

As Cliff tossed at us a while back, the actual variable is: fire_while_camoflaged = 1

Second, at the moment it does not work. The gun is capable of firing under cloak, but the ship still decloaks as normal (effectively, the gun shoots during the decloaking process). It’s a small bug Cliff has indicated he will address once the Outcasts are finished.

(As a note, at the moment it appears that beam weapons firing under cloak do not produce a visible beam until the ship is decloaked. This is also supposed to be addressed after the Outcasts.)


That’s not what is said in the patchnote!