Cloaking artifacts (wine)

When an on-screen ship cloaks, I see some nasty graphical artifacts. Now, I’m using wine, so I understand this isn’t something the developer can put much work into. I’d just like to suggest a possible workaround.

The artifact is that when a ship cloaks, the top-left corner of the screen is replaced with a rectangle containing what appears to be the neighborhood of the ship. I think what’s happening is that an offscreen image is supposed to be allocated but it’s actually appearing onscreen. It looks to me as if the problem occurs because of the wobbly effect that ships are supposed to show when cloaking. So what I’m suggesting is that there be a checkbox to turn off the wobbliness, so that ships instead do a simple alpha fade. Or failing that, simply aren’t drawn. This should cure the problem without forcing players to change a game file in a somewhat cheat-y way, and it might help people who are using more normal platforms.

Would this be possible?


Which video-card do you have? Which driver do you use (Restricted or Open Source)? And which version of wine do you use? Version of GBS?
There’s a common problem with wine an ATI(amd) video cards.

Also try run it through the terminal and see if some suspicious error appears or check the error.log

wine 1.0.1-0ubuntu14
video Intel 915GM, open-source driver, VideoRam 262144 kb
GSB version 1.54

(also I realize I’m not sure I have a copy of the original file for the cloaking module)

video Intel 915GM might be a problem and be caused by the poor driver from intel (the video glitches). But I think the real problem is; wine 1.0.1-0ubuntu14 as I’ve read your other post regarding wine and GSB.

wine 1.0.1-0ubuntu14 is ancient and should update it. The latest version is 1.3 and you’re using v1.0.1

I’ll show you how to update wine with the terminal (it’s easier to explain that way), just make sure that Ubuntu Software Center is closed first;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine1.3
First line will add wine’s repository so you’ll get the latest version of wine and will keep wine uptodate when there’s a new release.
Second line will update new changes to your repositories and also see if any new updates are available to your system.
Third line will install wine 1.3

All this can be done by point’n’click, but I’m oldschool and you can’t hardly go wrong with commands :wink:

Just re-install GSB, your settings and progress won’t get deleted.

Unfortunately switching wine versions has got wine into some kind of jammed state and now I can’t run GSB at all on that machine… fortunately I have a new computer that will run it; it doesn’t show this bug. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

You should properly purge/delete the .wine directory (hidden folder in your home directory) first. As it is huge gap between v1.01 to v1.3
The .wine folder contains all the old settings etc.

If you can explain more what you mean “Jammed state” is, I can properly help you.