Cloaking, then.

Cloaking device (Huh!) What is it good for?

Absolutely… I don’t really know. What do you lot use them for?

Just an idea…

What if cloaking devices make the ship start out invisible, sort of like a “first strike” weapon.

So at the start of a battle, no ships will be able to fire/attack a cloaked ship until it fires first. Also, the cloaking device can auto activate again under the condition that the ship does not deal or receive damage for x seconds…

This way the cloaking device can offer a ship a certain amount of protection until it is able to get in a position to engage its target.
Also, when equipped on faster ships it might allow for some hit and run type tactics/designs.

Maybe even add a tacyon pulse sorta module that players can equip in attempt to disrupt cloaked ships within a certain range.

The only use I can come up with for how it works currently is for a damage cruiser to use it to disengage, escape away, let repair modules fix the ship, and then have it return to battle.

Unfortunately with the way cruisers behave and how fast they move, I’ve never seen a cruiser successfully disengage after taking any amount of hull damage.

Why do the ships behave like that? Why does a cruiser have to have the turning radius of a small moon? When they try to retreat, they can only go forward and end up moving farther into battle. It’s space! Just put some engines on the front of your ship and voilà! Now you can move backwards. Sea ships can do it and so can space ships today. So why not ships of the future?

Definitely a topic I have words for, many many words, but there’s quite a bit on the plate right now so it can probably wait.

they turn faster if they have bigger (more) engines

I’ve seen cruisers disengage, you just have to set them to be very trigger-happy about it - cautious 5% or 10% (it helps that the number is the right way round now)

I’m sure I read something about cloaking giving you time to repair up. It sounds a little unlikely to me, and I haven’t really tried it to be honest. Maybe it’s more use when you put 3/4 supercharged engines on a cruiser and get them to make hit and run attacks using frymaster’s suggestion about the cautious order setting.

You’re probably not going to get much mileage using it on a knife-fight cruiser: it’s just a lost armour slot to them.

I am considering speeding up the turn speed for the cruisers in order to make the whole ‘disengage from the battle’’ thing a bit more likely.