Co-Operative Question

I grab a group of ships and add the co-Operative order to them. What is odd is that it doesn’t seem they are very co-operative at all. I set them in a formation as well.

Is there any suggestions you guys can offer?


You need to set priority and ranges to be similar, too. And, if all the ships have different speeds, then they will not maintain their formation either; unless you give them the Formation order as well.

I generally set the ships that I use to break shields with to cooperative, rescuer and retaliate. That means that they fire in a massive volley that usually drops the shields, but they are likely to pick another target for the next volley. My beam ships are set to vulture, so they tend to focus on ships whose shields are down. It isn’t perfect, they do waste a lot of firepower on shields that are up, but they will stick with a ship whose shields are down until it is destroyed.

I often have my long ranged ships with no orders to attack fighters. They will shoot at fighters if that is all that is in range, but I want them focused on breaking shields.

Co-op just means that when a turret selects targets, it gives a stronger weight to targets that are already under attack by other friendly ships. Escort or formation orders are more helpful in terms of gettings ships to take specific organised actions together.