I’ll start by saying that this current system for counting the votes is doing it’s job. During the count I took and lost the lead multiple times, and it appropriately scared me. In the end, I got a coalition government.

Coalitions don’t really do a whole lot however, they keep demanding the same couple things over and over, and don’t really do much when I refuse. A coalition government in real life is at risk of collapse on any day, and the same should be true in game. They should sometimes demand things with the threat of canceling their support and forcing an election if the player doesn’t agree. Additionally, if the player does anything controversial, there should be a risk that the coalition partner will make a stink about it. They should sometimes demand that a policy change be called off without refunding the capital, or else they will force an immediate election. In either of these cases, the policy in question should be the election issue, with a massive boost or loss of opinion based around whatever policy became the snap election issue.

What coalition partners should NOT do, is demand the same thing 5 times, but take no for an answer every time.


Ok, and just now I spat out some of my drink when they offered me an unspecified amount of political capital to “Cancel income tax”.

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