Coloured/Named ships portraits in deployment screen

A simple suggestion, one im sure people have said before.

Add an option to either colour the backround of the ships in the deployment screen (So i can make my own colour key based on builds for same ships sillouttes) OR display the name of the ship at the bottom of the portrait. Or be able to independatly name the portrait, default name set to same name as ship.

The last part because i use long names with say Allied Armour 73 speed .16 4Cl and i dont think the portrait will fit that, and all ill see it allied armour for each ship.

Bumpy bumpy. Something i want above just about all others.

Yes I really must do this. The ‘todo’ list is just getting stupidly long now though :smiley:

Maybe a poll to see what people want the most? And only tackle a few at a time. We wouldnt want you overwhelmed. After all, you have other games to make, im sure.