Coming in the next release...

Spoilers and aerials :smiley: I think the aerial is a bit too small. Thoughts?

Hi Cliff,

needed a dictionary for aerial so learned a new word ;o)
But it looks like the antenna for radio/gps/cellphone with a suitable size. So for me it looks good.
If you want to add a more decorative one as a premium upgrade: smaller, like a fin, at the same location and painted in car colour

The aerial should be longer, right now it looks like a car phone antenna.

Looks good at that size to me.
if it gets too much longer it will overlap the cars profile, and then be hard to distinguish against other objects, like the black chevrons.
that size its clean, and clear what it is.

Hi All

looks great

how soon is the next update?


from the land down under

Looks good to me. It’s about as long as the one on my car.

Also this stuff (once I fix the positioning bug for the big items…):

New models for the research stations? Or something completely new?

love that guy in the center that is standing in the middle of the board ;). image

I am looking forward to the next update aswell :wink:

Yeah I just fixed all that:

Looks about right for a standard UK sized digital radio antenna. A more expensive version is the shark fin aerial which would be a neat upgraded version to add in the game.