Coming to a production line near you

I hope we get some info on modding side of things in the near future. Most of it looks straight forward apart from the sprite sheet layout and how it’s read.

Thanks go to fat32dutch who will be working with me on this project for this great model of an aussie icon.

One of mine, not the theme that I’m going for but we’ll see, might repurpose it or start on a Model A or T if I can find the right blueprints and time.

cheers all.

WOW! That yellow taxi is glorious! The lines are just exquisite: reminds me of streamlined locomotives.

Looking forward to your mod! :smiley:

The spritesheet stuff is actually optional, in that its done purely for performance reasons. Eventually I’ll release a tool, but there is no reason why you have to pack all of the car components into a single texture.
its low priority now, but I will put together a comprehensive doc eventually on how all the elements fit together and what formats you need etc. Almost everything is in text files so its pretty easy.

Just did some dinging to see if i could, it is just as you say just text files and now Production Line has come to the new age with Self-Driving Cars.

Any one who wants this to have a look too:

So you modded this into the game? This, or something like this, should definitely be added to the game! Self-Driving Cars, and many of the other innovations from Tesla, are what I would be most interested in researching and building, please!

Maybe also add electric engines in the late game. thus would be completely different from normal engines, so you had to produce them in different production steps etc.
maybe also add hybrid motors for thus you had to build both engines in a car but they would have ahigher value ?