Comm Logs

Simple request:

After a battle, could the game program save a .txt file of the communication logs to the GratuitousSpaceBattles folder? It would add another element to reviewing the battle, as well as provide a bit of entertainment.


good idea. it would be fun to relive the battle by reading some funny comments :smiley:

“Looks like that hit the spot. I’m going to be generous and not target he escape pods this time.”
“Either someone just burnt their space-bagels or this ship is on fire, and I don’t think any of us even eat bagels.”
“There is a hull breach on decks three four and six. Good old lucky deck five eh?”
“Ensure your space-podule is in the upright position. It’s hyperdrive time.”
“According to the missile-tracker 2000, the guidance systems just got scrambled by some enemy gizmo.”
“That was some impact. I almost spilt my beer.”
“Repair team Gamma reporting. We have found our screwdrivers and are now getting to work.”
“Initiating camouflage activation sequence. Lets see them hit us now. Bwahahahahaha!”

its just way to funny to be left out :smiley:

Awesome idea :smiley:

U guys know that the comm logs are just a decorative thing right?? i mean, they are always the same, no matter wat type of battle u played. The phrases are not in the same order, but they are always the same. Everytime a ship approachs, a comm log appears, and it is the same always in all the battles with any ship that approachs / attack to your fleet. So, seeing the comm logs after a battle will provide u… nothing -.-

But i agreed, if the comm logs were real (that tells u wat is happening in the battle , wat ships are attacking u, and wat ships are attacking other ships of your fleet, for example) yea that will be awesome to look into the comm logs. And yup, it will be funny.

Quite a few of the comms entries are relevant to what happens. They aren’t random as such. If you are shooting ineffective fire, or take damage, or your shields fail, or a fellow pilot in your squad dies etc, these all trigger specific comms entries.

yeah, and you can actually see the name of the ship that is talking. so it isnt as useless as you thought.

No they are not random. Wat i mean is imagine 6 ships are attacking 1 of yours, the comm will say that only 1 ship named xxxx is attacking one of your ships. And the name of the ship appears only in a couple of phrases. Actually a real comm log in this kind of game will be very awesome.

a useful thing that could be added is that the post battle cooms thingy shows how far into the battle the diferent things happen. that way you could more easely keep track on how fast your shields drop for example.

personally modded the Comm Logs to be slightly more gender neutral and a LOT more extensive