Command Center Design Bug

  1. Create a command center design.
  2. Save it under any name.
  3. Try to overwrite the design.
  4. Observe that it is disallowed with a message that states that it’s a built in game design.

I can’t see any problem when I try and do this, it overwrites and works fine. there is an overwrite warning, as aexpected, but not one referring to the built-in game designs.
What version are you seeing this in?


  1. I read you reply.
  2. I loaded the game.
  3. I entered the unit designer.
  4. I changed the hull to Large Command Center.
  5. I filled module slots.
  6. I entered the name of the existing Large Command Center ‘Fire Rate Booster’.
  7. I press save.
  8. I press save in the next menu that appears.


Attempt 2:

  1. I go back in to the game.
  2. I delete the ‘Fire Rate Booster’ design.
  3. I make a new Large Command Center with the name ‘The Test’.
  4. I save the design.
  5. I modify the design.
  6. I save the design again.
  7. No problems.
  8. Another try with the name ‘Fire Rate Booster’.
  9. Still no problems.
  10. I reload the game.
  11. No more problems.
  12. The bug has escaped?