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I just picked this up and am enjoying the game. I realize it’
s an older title, but there are a few things that either I don’t understand or don’t seem to work quite as expected.

  1. Why is the game so poorly documented? The in-game help is very vague. It doesn’t seem like it would take much to explain things like how many passengers a steward can serve or at what point an engineer or navigator is recquired.

  2. I don’t know if this is a bug but when I scrapped my first ship there didn’t seem to be any way for me to buy a new one. My old crew (who I sent on shore leave first) still kept talking to me, but I could see no way to have my virtual self buy them a new ship. Obviously I can get around this if its a bug by buying the new ship first in the future, but it does seem an odd oversight in design to miss that there is no way to continue if you sell first.

  3. Why aren’t scenario objectives available in the game? At least, I didn’t see any way to bring up the objectives without exiting the game, starting a new one, and seeing what the objectives were. Again, seems like an odd oversight in design to miss.

  4. Is there any way to set up automatic routes/manifests? If the objective is to have multiple ships, it would seem like it would be a micromanagement hell if you had to figure out for each ship at each port where it was going next and what it was taking. Seems like an auto-run idea would make sense, where you could tell a ship to run from point A to point B, carrying passengers and whatever freight. Or maybe am I overthinking the game?

Thanks for listening.

  • Sarkus

Very late but better than never!

  1. There is a Tutorial however I do not recall how in-depth it goes.

  2. You cn only buy ships from starports that have them avilable for sale

  3. There is a button that looks like a notepad in the upper center of the screen

  4. This being the first (second if you discount it being a re-release), there are many fabulous ideas not available. However cliffski is always open to new ideas so submit them to the Sequel thread and you just may find them in the next version!