Communist voter group

How would a communist group be different from the socialist group?

Communism is a socialist ideology, its covered under socialism.

Actually, socialism is a communist ideology, it’s covered under communism :stuck_out_tongue:

Communism is an ideology that proposes a change in the economical & political system of a country/the world with the following steps:

  1. Introduce the Dictatorship of the Proletariat: The working & farmer force has total control of the government and public elections are abolished, i.e. only the working masses have the right to vote, and a central commitee is elected that rules over everything indirectly. This step comes immediately after a social revolution. It’s aim is to eliminate anarchy, and bring under heel the upper class which will oppose the communist ideology. Each community is ruled by a smaller commitee that still participates in the government and obeys any rulings made by the central commitee but is more or less autonomous and self-sustaining. The central commitee focuses more on building an infrastructure for a successful industrial and agricultural economy

  2. Introduce Socialism: Socialism follows the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Some democratic functions are restored. The government is still ruled by a central committee and each community still has its own commities, but the individual worker now has more voting power and can participate more effectively in the government of the country. The communities are no longer autonomous and self-sustaining. Instead they start focusing on specific areas of production and industry and communities start forming bonds with each other in terms of exchange of resources. The central commitee starts focusing more on the individual citizens of the country, investing in education, healthcare, labour laws etc.

  3. Introduce Totalitarian Democracy: This step is described by many (including communists) as a utopia. The central commitee has succesfully set up a healthy industrial and agricultural economy, while also ensuring personal liberties, adequate educational and healthcare systems, scientific research etc. The government no longer needs a large number of commitees or public workers to work. Every citizen does their part and everyone is equal. Classes are eliminated, money is eliminated and everyone is cared for, while the country keeps advancing forward. Technocratic communists suggest that menial work could be assigned more on machineries, allowing the largest portion of the population to follow their own pursuits in scientific research, the arts, medicine and education. The little government that remains is manned by voted leaders who direct a small force of voluntary public workers. This voluntary force has a rotating schedule, so everyone needs to work at some point in their life, but working is not mandatory for all at the same time.