Community Created Mod - Open Discussion

Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas about the Community Created Mod.

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Currently we are running a ship design contest in the hopes that all the talented modders out there will help create the first ever Community Mod for GSB.


so… um, where do we vote? here? or here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5906

What you woul recommend: It is after all a community decision.

The open discussion thread was mainly for people that want to share other ideas for the community mod. For example if someone was working on a galactic map and wanted to include it into the mod or if you had an idea for the music etc.

My 2 cents, i would suggest voting occur in the competion thread because it will help keep it towards the top and its easy to navigate when looking at ship designs.

I also hope that when people vote they will also include any constructive criticism for the designers to read and maybe to help designers tweak their designs.

Thanks… I’ll vote now.

i suggest to wait at least one week more for start voting, the modders (and not modders) needs a little (sometimes a lot, like me xD) time for find a good inspiration and make it reality propely, but that is your decision, remmeber, you have only 6 points for your favorites on voting.
Darkstar don’t kill me xD
But the points are not changeable, or yes? i mean, if you already give your 6 points, you cant cancel one and use it for another ship, or yes?
I hope not, because it can make some problems about the vote counting

If you read the first post on the competition thread you will see this.

We will give plenty warning of the date when votes will be final, but that is a fair way off.

[size=50]LOL, stupid question, again xD[/size]

No not really, there is a ton of text to read through and it is not really all that obvious.
So i changed the size of the text :slight_smile:

Just asking but if we entre a design do we get to vote aswell?

i think so, just dont be a jerk and vote all 6 on your own :stuck_out_tongue:

ponyus is correct.
As i have said earlier, i believe that the members of this forum are mature enough to vote with intergity and not allocate their 6 votes to their own ships.

darkstar also will notice, because he is the one who knows the authors of each ship.

Good point :smiley: