commute by car?

My character is currently a lawyer with a decent income. I tried buying two different cars, but with both, I was unable to choose “car” as my commute. Is this a bug in the game? I figured if I own a car, then I can commute in a car, but it won’t let me! :question:

Have you finished the driving lessons? :smiley: (solo activity)

I noticed that when indicated to go to work by car (I do possess a car and a driver’s licence) the option is altered in the following days and all of a sudden I find myself going to work by bus. The setting is changed, but I didn’t do it… I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I had a legal career as well.

Is any Green Party sabotaging my car use in order to reduce CO2 emissions or what…?

are you low on money maybe? the car costs money to run.