Commuters opinion on Toll Roads

Hello every one !

I’m new to the Democracy series, so I may not understand all the mechanics yet.
In the Toll Roads measure, the impact on Commuters’ opinions increases with the cost of tolls.
I don’t understand the logic. According to the description, commuters are those who have to travel to work. And, among them,motorists, but motorists have their opinion decreasing with the price of tolls, which is logical.

But I don’t understand why those who travel by public transport are so happy that tolls are expensive.

Is there a minus sign missing somewhere or is there something I didn’t understand in the commuter group?

thanks for your help!
See you soon!

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Some of the divisions can be a bit weird. Commuters in game refers to people making use of a mass transit system, while people commuting to work in a personal vehicle are motorists.

That said, the opinions generated from toll roads are odd. I have brought up in the past that it is too easy of a silver bullet for capitalist opinion, when compared to the strength of opinions they have on other topics.

Toll roads are also a transplant from previous Democracy games, and I don’t think their numbers got any review during the transplant.

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Well, what recommendations do you have for Cliff? Or is there a post which you made on this?