Compass distribution suggestions

If someone is in middle of political compass, then they should have for example 20% membership from one side and other side.
Opposite side membership should fade out somewhere at 1/5th compass length from center.
Currently its very unrealistic, that someone suddenly becomes conservative or socialist only because they moved millimetre on political compass.
People can belong to two different income classes at once in relatively thin income intervals.
Similarly there would be transition zone in middle of compass.

Distribution should be Gaussian, and entire compass should be covered with dots (maybe 90% of voters would remain within current implementation of it).
As polarization rises distribution could be almost linear and then edges and corners should be more popular than center.

By the way there is one opposite pair missing in opposites.ini

SelfEmployed = TradeUnionist
TradeUnionist = SelfEmployed
StateEmployees = SelfEmployed

There should be SelfEmployed = StateEmployees too

Another suggestion:
Can voter memberships be fully normalized?
This way you wouldn’t have 0%/100% voter membership if you have anything increasing/decreasing membership.
It would prevent political compass edges from being reached easily, especially if simulation/situation/event/dilemma are changing memberships.

Is this suggestion considered?
That is there should be economic/social centrism, it doesn’t have to be really big.


Just fixed the opposites thing!