Competitors & Items

In life a company can go see what the competition is offering and at what prices. It would be nice if we got a yearly or monthly report on vehicles in classes of competition.

Sports $
Company A: Central locks, Anti-lock brakes, Power steering @ $26,000
Company B: Central locks, Anti-lock brakes, Heater @ $24,200
Company C: Central locks, Anti-lock brakes, Cruise control, Spare tire @ $26,300
Your Company: Anti-lock brakes, Air-conditioner, Heater, Power steering @ $26,900

With this you can also have several yearly awards.
Best $ Sports Car = Your Company
Best $$ Sports Car = Company A
Best $$$ Sports Car = Your Company
and so on.

This would let us know why we have cars stuck in the showroom, but also let us know if we are staying ahead of the competition, need to fine tune our settings per class, and let us know what customers are expecting at certain price points.

Eventually you can get into crash test ratings, and have us test safety features. Part of the factory could be a cool crash test site. It would ad a level of hilarity to the game, and be realistic for an auto manufacturer as well.

Love it, love it, love it.

The idea of crash testing a new vehicle truly excites me. This could be a potential DLC for the game?