How can I get rid of complacency? My party membership is always at zero by the time I’m done with the game. Is it worth shaking up the entire perfect society I’ve built just to get people back in the party? I know it doesn’t effect the election, but I don’t like seeing the “everybody” meter so low. And then I get media backlash every time people start feeling good about me again. Any tips?

The everyone group being upset and low party membership are different things, but maybe related. Obviously everyone is in the everyone group, so if you really annoy them, there won’t be a single person in the country who likes you enough to join the party. To get party membership high, you need to keep the everyone group fairly happy, and pick a few key groups that you can really motivate, ideally ones with a lot of crossover membership. There are thresholds above which people consider party membership, and it takes time for them to finally join (or leave) a party. I hope that helps.

So basically you’re saying the key is to keep all or most of the groups fairly happy? I tend to be extremely supported by one group and despised by the opposite group (Liberal vs. Conservative for example). I don’t really do it on purpose, but one things just leads to another and suddenly half the groups love me and the other half hate me. Eventually the population % of those who hate me is very small (guess they left for Canada).

I think it also might be that I like to play with the maximum terms and length so I can really toy around with things. Maybe people just get sick of the same person in office for so long?

the complacency is time, rather than term related, so in that sense, yes, it will be effectively worse if your terms are set to be very long.

Ive been playing my first game, been re elected twice so far, however, ive lost all my party members. In one turn. I went from 30 million to zero. Is it a bug or did i make a boo boo?