Complaint about unit names

Hi, i just bought this game a few days ago on steam, and i must say that it is a lot of fun so far.

However, one thing has been bugging me a lot now. Why are half of the German attacking units named after Nazi leaders? If i understand the lore correctly, the game is set in an expanded first world war scenario, so it is doubtful that all of the Nazi leadership would have gained important enough positions that people would name mechs and tanks after them (I can’t recall tanks or artillery pieces ever being named after people in real life, either, but i am not an expert and might be wrong here). But still just in the last mission i played i have seen "Himmler class rapid missile Mek"s, “Goering class fast supply vehicle” and “Mk IX Rommel Heavy Assault Tank”. While Rommel and Göring might have been plausible, i just don’t see Himmler reaching that kind of important position within the monarchy. And the stranger part is that there is noone who is not an important Nazi official who got a tank named after him, which is very weird in itself.

Maybe i am just putting too much thought into this, or i just don’t understand something correctly, but i find it incredibly weird that all those people who are basically part of a different timeline suddenly got units named after themselves, even though they don’t even really fit into the lore in my opinion.

m1 abrams and the m60 patton, among others were named after militarily officers/stradigest

Another thing that’s puzzling, is the fact that the introductory text to the “Western Front” -campaign makes a reference to Hitler.

Hitler takes over from the kaiser mid way through the war… :smiley: