Completely nonsense assassination

While playing a game I ran into this bug. I was murdered by a group of religious extremists “Angels of Heavenly Justice” despite having a “Good” level of security.

Molto strano… Cerco una spiegazione ma non la riesco a trovare…

In this case, good does not mean perfect, same with excellent. It just means that there’s a lower chance that you will be.


It could potentially be an issue of balance, if this is happening to you frequently at these levels of security, is this the case?

Terrorist attacks always have some (small) chance of success. This is entirely realistic. JFK was shot and killed, Reagan was shot at in my lifetime. You need an excellent level of security (which is pretty much a police state) to minimize the risk, and even then its not 100%
The best defence is a happy (or at least not too unhappy…) electorate.