Completely Upside-Down Cures

Impossible to make a profit on this “starting” cure.

This hypertension starts at 14, you have to go down to 0-6 to unlock angina with an ionizer. Now its at 3. Hoping angina’s max str is 3, or at the very least activated at 3… now I see angina’s range is 6-12 (max str is at 12). At the very least, you hit the low end of strength and can get a minimum of a D cure. But, a negative effect is covering the entire cure. If you just get back up to 6 minimum cure rating you end up with an E rating losing $30/day. If you take it up to 12, you get a C+ losing $36/day.

I know the answer is to not make it, but If you know how to “get to” angina, shouldn’t you know what ranges it takes to activate it? You could easily do the math in your head without having to build the machines. Three +3/-3 machines ~$100. 7+ machines to get to max plus a side-effect for a level 2 cure isn’t going to work out.

If you’re going for master and you build that line just to scrap it instantly, you lose in less than 5 min into the game.

The point is, I could live with making $5-30 on a level 2 cure right out of the gate, but losing $30/day for a large assembly line minimum - I don’t even want to restart, it makes me want to just go play another game.

It wouldn’t bother me at all if I was playing a level that wasn’t time-based, I actually love a good challenge. I don’t play ffxiii-3 because it is entirely time-based. This is a casual game where all the levels are time-based to make it challenging, which seems like an oxymoron to me. I’d like more aggressive ai and the ability or mission to put them out of business.

Are there sets of cures that make the game easy or hard? Or is it all random?