Composite & mirroring errors

Couple of issues here. First I’d like to report that mirroring a composite doesn’t seem to work, as mirroring the blue composite here gave me this red one. (Note: the colour change was done by me to allow distinction between the two).

Observe that the F1_Complex5 has been mirrored vertically rather than horizontally, and the F1_Fin2 doesn’t appear to have changed at all. I’m not sure whether or not the problem only applies to these specific components, however.

Going to the module editor to save and report this, the silhouette of the ship was noticeably different, and switching back to the visuals presented me with this:

Judging by the way both composites have been mashed together, it looks like the game saves composites as if all their midpoints occupy the same point. This is, of course, rather unfortunate for my poor, beautiful engine design. :frowning:

Yikes, I’ll get this fixed…