Comprehensive Policy List?

Is there a place, in the game, to see a list of all possible policies (maybe even a dependency tree)? The main dashboard hides non-implemented policies, and some implemented policies are too small to see—regardless of the view mode. The policy suggestion menu is quite useful, but does it show everything?

I abolished a bunch of policies once, but then I couldn’t find them without using the search function. That made me think, what other policies are there that I might like/need but be unaware of?



Good Question, no doubt you could look somewhere in the files to find this answer, somebody else would know this and probably let you know.

I would love to see the policy list WITH the % impacts for each impact - e.g. policy A reduces GDP by x% and increases socialism group by Y%.

Why? Because then you could extract it, feed it into a table and run decision analytics from it.


It is possible. It’s a matter of time & effort. I have personally made a law & order policy list a while ago.


When you search on the main UI for a policy it searches all possible policies, whether implemented or not. The lightbulb icon next to a name means its currently unimplemented, but selecting an implemented policy will highlight the icon.

The only policies not in the list are ones that are not applicable for whatever reason, to the current country.

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