Computer locks up when saving

Thanks again for the answers, Cliff! To quote singer Marshall Crenshaw, Starship Tycoon is now “My Favorite Waste of Time.” :blush:

However, this last week I realized that if I save as early as the 3rd or 4th “docking,” my computer (which has already sent you several bug reports for Windows XP) shows the green and black “Starship Tycoon” screen and locks up.

Last night, I played for several hours and managed to rack up just over 5 million credits (on the Novice setting, BTW). And when I went to save the game file… Bingo, I got the standard lockup procedure.

Also, when I try to re-open those same files, my computer just locks up right away.

Has anybody else had this problem? Please chime in here.

Thanks, and cheers,

–Jay Goemmer
“Centuri Guy”
Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

Not exactly what I had happen.

I haven’t gotten to more than $200k

I’ve crashed all over the place…
Well at least 6 major times…But that was my first nite of playing.

2 notables…

1)Once I had 3 ships in fleet went for fourth…(same name as second ship in fleet …I thought it was odd…) “crash”.

2)Another time I was a a starbase with everyone refusing to pay passenger price. moved mouse to choose cargo…bumped coffee cup and accidently clicked on empty passenger list…or so i thought…I got a “selected passenger click” which became “crash”.

Both times I was rather well into getting the fleet to grow but no recent saves…

Also I have had WIERD things happen to an ongoing game when I save/load. doesn’t seem to be a complete data reset…

Once I had saved a game and then right after, I got caught smuggling and the fine bankrupted me. (beginning of game.) Not sure if it was my 4th docking but was before my 8th…

No biggie, just saved (YAY!) reload save and change course…
uh wait…why’d it say i was at port?? Screen says halfway there… “crash”.

Restarting the entire program however, I was able to continue playing…
But it seems like loading a game midgame doesn’t work correctly?
(gotta experiment with that)

None of this happened with the demo…but then never played over 1/2 hour then…

…that’s my “chime”… anyway.

Ok, after saving…
I went to resume game…recieved a crew msg that there was no more room for any more crewmembers… :exclamation: came right up at game resume no click required :exclamation: .

One of my ships is at a dock…

This happens even if I restart program and reload the save. (I’ll keep this to see if cliff wants it…)

in this same save, the dock in question has all passengers refusing to book passage … I still get the pasenger selected click sound…but, no “crash” :open_mouth: …mysteries of life :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for chiming!

Earlier this week, I selected an entirely different scenario (one of the random ones), and played for 3 or 4 hours before saving (the first time). To my surprise, the “save” actually worked without crashing.

So I just deleted the “save” files of the games I’d been having problems with, and have been playing (and saving!) to my heart’s content.

Thanks, and cheers,

–Jay Goemmer
“Centuri Guy”
Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

The game saves the now unstable enviornment perhaps?

Will try thanks.

(massive snippage … chuckle)