ComputerSale Upgrade

Would be nice to extend this upgrade on the export gate.

My suggestion

(Computersales first stage)

Give the clients the option to select a pack on top of the basic car.

Creating Packs:
Comfort Pack:

Comfort Line Pack:
-Cruisecontrole Adaptive

Deluxe Pack:
-Cruisecontrole Adaptive

(Computer Sales second stage):
Once you have this unlocked your clients can order cars on there needs.
This will give you other challenges to complete those orders
-Waiting timing the cue time before the car gets delivered.
-Efficiency of your factory.

This will give more depth into the simulation also it would give a better overview when producing different car types later on. When you want to create something like this in the current build now you have to create more lines and selected the options differently on every lane.