Confidence ??

Besides associating with certain people, winning games of golf or bowling and reading the books, is there anything else? The confidence seems to drop so drastically – should I have started the character with higher confidence? I played around with the settings, but as you raise one, the rest drop, so I ended up just starting over and leaving the original settings as is. So, is there something I can buy which builds confidence besides the books? If not, then does it help to buy them again (after you have sold them when you finished reading them?) or does that not make any difference?

Oh, and this is Kudos 1.

You can’t buy a book once you’ve read it all the way through.

Hi RockChick, thank you for responding to my post. Yes, I found that out myself, but still wanted to say I appreciate that you responded. Have a nice weekend and Happy Holidays. :slight_smile: