Confused about ship orders

Im having a bit of trouble with ordering my ships usually i go with a specilised fleet with different ships for anti fighter anti frigate etc now i assign the proper orders to each ship but when the battle starts they just turn away from the enemy and just sit there swatting fighters untill the enemy roll over them. where am i going wrong?

If you do not wish for a ship type to attack fighters, delete that order. Or, set its priority to 1%.

thats what i did. my anti fighter stuff had all orders deleted except destroy fighters i did the same deleting with the anti frigate and anti cruiser but obviously deleting the appropriate orders and still they just turn around fly off till the fighters catch up then just sit there and get blown up

try adding in ‘keep moving’ to your ships

It sounds like you’re setting the distances too high - especially if the ships are turning around.

Set the range attack to the range of your weapons or less.

ah working now thanks :slight_smile: now i just gotta learn not to screw up xD

You have no idea how many times I’ve watched my frontline cruiser laser ships coast to a halt well out of range just as I realize I forgot to drop the 800 default range…