Confused about the disposable income graph

First of all I want to say THANK YOU for creating this amazing game! It’s the only game I’ve found where I can let my inner nerd out!

One thing I am confused about is the disposable income graph. I really like the idea, but am unsure about what it means exactly. For example, during my first play through, my poorest citizen who had an income of £9,000 had £70,000 in disposable income (which it says is through government subsidies, etc.) How can this be? Does disposable income relate to savings? I think this might need explaining a little better in the game (or I’m just being stupid!)

There are some weird things on the disposable income graph. For example, in my current game motorists are getting 100k pounds from new car subsidies, which doesn’t make sense.

Ha, the car subsidies was a bug and is fixed in the next version :smiley:
Yeah… this screen is definitely the newest, and most confusing in the whole game, its driven me mad working on it…

adding this screen made us re-evaluate a whole ton of numbers in the game, and we found a big bunch of anomalies in the way money was being handled for voters. Most of it now works ok and is fixed, but I suspect we still have anomalies.

The old method just pushed voters up and down a scale using percentages, whereas the new method uses a combination of that, and fixed values. In some cases, a combination of those percentage changes can somehow propel someone who is initially very poor into earning a crazy amount of money, especially if they happen to be in the perfect crossfire of a bunch of generous government policies :smiley:

Expect the numbers in that screen to make more sense as we see more examples of it looking weird.