Congratulations on the review from pc gamer.

Hi just picked up my copy of pc gamer today and what did I see on page 94 AND 95 yep Gratuitous Space Battles.

With a two page review(one of them pictures) and a respectable score of 72 I say congratulations.

From a one man team this is amazing that you get reviewed in a gaming magazine outside of the indi section and get a good score as well.


I cant wait till you start hitting the 80’s in reviews in the future.


I’m certain they will be in the 80s once the game is finished and polished up, or after the release when new content and features are added.

I hope they mentioned the game was still in beta, it’d suck if it got marked down on any of the things that are being worked on at the moment.

Cheers, I was very pleased with the size of the review. I hate it when decent indie games get smaller coverage than apparently crap big budget ones, and this was a really pleasant surprise.

Can you scan those pages? I want to read them. :frowning:

It gained at least one purchaser.

The review was enough to make me interested enough to look at the site.

They don’t mention that the game is still in Beta, which I think they should have done alongside their comments that the game ‘a flawed star.’

However, I’ve bought, downloaded and am getting to grips with things (while trying to note down things for later.) Hopefully it has attracted others.

Welcome aboard, my friend. Good luck and good hunting. :wink:

I bought it due to a link on Bluesnews and i must say i’m impressed with the quality of the game. A lot of high profile games have disappointed me as of late (Borderlands is one of them). It’s good to see these titles can still be made and are even better value than the big dollar titles.