I would like to see a more flexible dynamic in the game. If the country is oil rich, what happens as, overtime, oil supply and oil demand dwindles?
There would be more depth if there were direct negotiations with other countries over trade, extradition and civil rights. Decisions and agreements made with one country would effect the relationships with others. This could include border disputes over immigration and pollution concerns (since environmental catastrophes do not recognise boundaries).
Direct involvement with scandals (ministers behaving badly) could be detrimental or beneficial if reported.
Speaking of which, the role of the press needs more emphasis. Is it a healthy, vibrant media with truthful reporting or a state run concern with outlier newspapers the government is always trying to suppress?
If immigration is a concern, is there also discussion about national language and what is taught in schools, race and different creeds?
Why are faith based schools, are they only for Christians and not Muslims and Buddhists be represented as well? Do atheists agitate for a religious free society?
What if the ministers are more active, making public statements if their pet projects aren’t being funded or ratting out a leader who is trying to hide a scandal.

If I ever figure out this whole “modding” thing, you may have just supplied me with hours of fun! XD