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Yeah, that needs to be balanced with conservatives liking it, judging by the age of the post, I think Cliff should put it down on his list of things to do.

The crux of this article is, "Well, Japan does have the lowest crime rate in the world, and the police do essentially make work for themselves, but we estimate that most domestic violence goes unreported, like in every other country in the world.*

It makes no points about its own topic. If it had wanted to, it could have reflected upon the fact that policing is not an effective tool against crimes that people do not wish to report, and that the issue of victims not wishing to report crimes is ultimately a social issue, not a criminal one, as there is no criminal complaint.

If I had been this guy’s editor, I would have commit seppuku in shame upon realizing that I had let that article go to print.

Come to think of it, I do not think I would let any headline with the word “Myth” in it go to print on principle, unless something about mythology had somehow become news.

This does raise an interesting question as to whether the Japanese police, who police a model society in the sense of reported crime rates, should be considered “lax and liberal.”

The approach that they take is notably “community outreach” and “public service” oriented. Still, in dealing with crime, my understanding is that they are not “lax” in the sense of being notably concerned with the rights of criminals, and in fact operate a strict, punishment-based system. It appears, however, that they do not actually have to use this system very frequently, as they do not have a lot of crime to deal with.

I think that you’re missing the part where they drag their feet unbelievably so, just because the home is the man’s domain.

Japan is definitely not a police state but still not something lax & liberal either. Also, the liberals don’t say “it is okay to curtail rights of criminals as there aren’t that many of them.”

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Would you say that, in general, the Japanese approach to family culture is falling behind the Western approach in a way which generates quantifiable negative outputs?


So, this seems to conform to the game model of negative effects upon crime, which is that these are maximized by having a “Community Policing” approach, which is considered “Liberal”, while also having policies on the authority of police and the courts which are not considered “Liberal”.

How do you mean?