Considering increasing extra robot cost

I’ve been doing a lot of long playthroughs (for scenario balancing reasons) and it does seem to me that the robot upgrades for each slot to reduce processing time still feel a bit like a ‘no-brainer’. As an example placing ‘fit bottom trim’ costs $16,800 but to add extra robots and boost speed by 10% costs just $1,800.
In the grand scheme of things $1,800 is nothing, especially as it could solve a bottleneck later in the line and prevent maybe 10 other slots from sitting idle.
Does it feel to you like the robot upgrades are too easy a decision right now?

Currently the values are:

+2 extra robots $1,800, 10% speed boost
+2 extra robots $2,700 + 7.5% speed boost
+2 extra robots $5,200 +5% speed boost

I’m thinking that a 50% increase in those prices makes sense. Any opinions on this?

I’ve always thought that the upgrades do seem relatively cheap. Although I suppose as a proportion of the cost of the slot then it’s a decent chunk. At the minute I just upgrade everything as soon as possible. Increasing the cost might actually add in a bit more strategy and thought to upgrading.

You’re the boss :slight_smile:

Anything which helps balance the game and brings in more challenge is welcomed by me.

Agreed, the Robots are too cheap.

They still don’t cost enough. Those prices just don’t hurt at all. I’d suggest the following:

Robot I should be $2,200
Robot II should be $3,900
Robot III should be $7,800

Reason being is you don’t want people just clicking “apply to all” when they get any of these Robot upgrades. You need to make it painful enough that for such a massive overhaul of the factory floor, they’re going to want to only upgrade key stations at first, then as money permits they get to the rest. I’d also increase the amount of power they draw by about 20%.

I put the robot prices up a while back. the prices are currently

  1. $2,700
  2. $4,050
  3. $7,700

I am considering a 20% across the board increase in all upgrade costs for the next patch.