Constant Crashing!!!!!!!!

I just purchased this game for my mac, via the mac app store.


1 in very 3 battle starts it crashes, and during 1 in 4 battles it randomly crashes!!!

FIX THIS for gods sake

What a great example of pretty exhaustive and well documented bug report. Also, the amount of patience and maturity oozing from your message is astounding.

Also, the original poster was in so much of a hurry to blame the creator of the Windows version of GSB that he apparently never bothered to learn that Red Marble Games are the company who programmed the Mac version of the game. Not Positech. If he has a problem with his Mac game, he needs to contact RMG. And by “contact” them I mean to email them with an actual bug report that’s complete & conclusive, not have a temper tantrum like a two-year-old with a wet diaper.

Email to: support-at-redmarblegames -dot- com