Constant crashing

I just recently bought a copy of democracy from the positech website and it’s constantly crashing on me. :cry:

The demo did crash on occasion but now that I bought the game it’s doing it a lot more.

Usually what happens is that I click on “next turn” or there’s some major event about to happen, then the game starts flickering and tells me that it has to close. This may have something to do with the sound bug but I don’t know, cause I don’t play with the sound on.(I’ve never liked video game music).

P.S. This shouldn’t be a firewall or virus issues as I have disabled my firewall and I just reformatted my hard drive a month or so ago.

It sounds like the sound bug (even if you turned the music down(). the best way to check is to go into the sounds directory and delete the two biggest files (thats the music). if that fixes it, it was the sound issue. Its also often fixed by newer sound card drivers.

Thanks I think that worked. :smiley:

Hi Cliffski…

As a very satisfied customer I would like to highlight the promptness with which you deal with problems that we have based on how we describe the problem to you. I also remember tha I have had problems with the game initially as it kept crashing. However, you re-sent me when I informed you that the first download had not worked quiet well. I just wanted to thank you for sending a further copy… more than 6 months after my initial purchase which had improved graphics and was much more polished version.

Browsing here I took your advice and have deleted the 2 largest music files in the sound folder… everything works great and no more crashes… at all!!

Thank you once again for making a fantastic game and I hope to purchase democracy 2 in the near future!!

For those who love their politics and enjoy strategy games, this is one addictive game!! Modding can be done on excel and it’s great … just make sure you save the original copy under a new name just in case things don’t work out with your own improvements … i even had 3 bands of taxes, each affecting different classes of people differently in the game… did wonders for my deficit :wink:



Kind regards,

Gaurang Morjaria

i get onto my game fine but there is a constant flashing like the corner of a window throughout the game! any ideas how to solve this v.anoying problem?? :cry:

is this under windows vista? if it is, I strongly suspect its the vista “sidebar”. It conflicts with the way I did text in my older games, and disabling the sidebar fixes it. Is that it?