Constantly Crashing

For some reason, whenever I try to start a new game now, the screen turns black and I get a pop-up saying that the program has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution. No solution is ever found and the game then closes itself. This happens every time I try making a new character. What gives?

Some questions to help troubleshoot:

Which Windows version are you using? (I’m guessing Vista…if so, which version of Vista?)
What directory is the game installed in? (Some versions of Vista require admin rights if you try running it from a subdirectory of the “Program Files” directory)
Do you have the latest patch to the game?
Have you put any mods in the game?

As far as the version of Vista I use, I have no idea.
It’s in the Program Files directory, and I’m the admin.
I didn’t know you needed the patch if you bought a Best Buy version.
I tried to mod the original config to give a little more cash for your songs, but the problems started after I included a new job.

To find out which Vista Version you’re using, go into Start Menu --> Settings–> Control Panel --> System. The window that opens up should tell you which version of Vista you’re using.

I didn’t realize that you could purchase the game at Best Buy…I thought it was either on-line or through Impulse (aka Stardock Central) There is a thread here (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=175&st=0&sk=t&sd=a) that has the latest patches in it. You’ll need to check out which version of the game you are running, and install all of the patches after that version. (If you’re running 1.00, you’ll need to install the 1.01 1.02, 1.03… patches. They’re not cumulative.)

Try setting the permissions on you executable to “Run as admin.” Even if you think you’re an admin, sometimes the programs don’t recognize it as such if they’re installed in the Program Files directory under Vista. I had a HUGE headache trying to figure that out with Democracy 2 until I just said “Why not try it??” and it worked just fine after that.

Did you backup your original data files? If you didn’t, looks like you’ll have to uninstall the game, delete all of the folders you added mods to, and then reinstall the game. And yes, this is how everyone (myself included!) learns why backups are needed before you try to make mods. Backup the data directory before you make any mods to the game…